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        2. Welcome to Guangxi Nanning Junwei Feed Co.,Ltd. website!
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          Feed grade magnesium oxide

          1. the main physical and chemical functions of magnesium in animals

          Magnesium participates in many life activities in animals, such as cell respiration and the transfer of high-energy phosphate bonds. Magnesium is a cofactor for many enzymatic reactions, and these enzymes play a role in the metabolism of sugar, fat and protein.


          2. the effects of magnesium deficiency on animals

          Among animals, cattle and sheep are the most sensitive to magnesium deficiency, followed by pigs. For example, when cattle and sheep eat forages or regenerated young grasses that are applied with a large amount of potassium fertilizer, they are prone to magnesium deficiency causing hypomagnesemia or grass twitching.

          The daily ration of Pigs and poultry are generally rich in magnesium, which can meet the needs of animals.


          3. packaging specifications

          25kg/piece or packed according to customer requirements.

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